Value Added Services

Tighe offers a variety of value-added services that complement our core transportation and New England warehousing services. These services improve efficiency and help our clients lower inventories of finished goods by postponing final assembly and labeling until customer orders are received.

Our Value Added Services include:
  1. Light assembly
  2. Order assembly and fulfillment
  3. Direct-to-consumer services
  4. Pick/pack
  5. Price ticketing
  6. Labeling/packaging/repackaging
  7. Promotional packaging
  8. UPC bar code printing
  9. Inventory management
  10. Overflow/seasonal warehousing
  11. Kitting


“Tighe Warehousing and Distribution has provided Pacific Coast Producers reliable warehouse storage and logistics services for the past 20 years. Their many years of experience in the food business enables their customers to supply a wide range of products to the grocery industry at a low and competitive cost. The management team and support staff is very knowledgeable and their continued investments in warehouse inventory management software and freight transportation provide a proven value to the supply chain and their valued customers.”

- Chip Bourassa
Vice President Logistics, Pacific Coast Producers