Systems WMS & TMS


Tighe utilizes the Accellos One 3PL Warehouse Management system which is a WMS designed specifically for the Third Party Logistics industry. Our WMS provides a tremendous amount of flexibility while improving accuracy and monitoring productivity and efficiency in the warehouse.

  1. Client access through web portal (e-Vista)
  2. RF & Barcoding
  3. Inventory allocation engine
  4. Shipping and receiving
  5. Cycle counting
  6. Catch weights
  7. Space optimization
  8. Directed put away
  9. Appointment management
  10. Documents/reporting/EDI
  11. Configurable work flow
  12. Alert and notification managemen
  13. Key performance indicators
  14. Issue management and tracking
  15. Client centric allocation and flow
  16. Inventory entity management
  17. Labor forecasting
  18. Labor tracking
  19. Employee productivity
  20. Customer labor costing
  21. Facility labor costing


Tighe utilizes the Accelos One Transport Transportation Management System which is a dynamic transportation management planning system. Accellos One Transport allows for a wide range of planning considerations such as customer appointments, consolidations, and equipment specific requirements.

  1. Customer appointment tracking capabilities
  2. Real-time GPS tracking capability of vehicles
  3. Extensive custom "Alert" system for event management
  4. Mobile computing providing real-time transaction posting of delivery actions
  5. Delivery confirmations via web, email or EDI
  6. Load and route optimization for efficient planning
  7. Customer access to shipment information and status via web portal
  8. Electronic load tendering and shipment status messaging
  9. Optimization of multi-modal movements
  10. Transportation mode and carrier selection
  11. Manages consolidated orders, loads and multiple leg trips
  12. Drayage & Intermodal pickups, deliveries and tracking
  13. Electronic billing and invoicing
  14. Third party carrier management
  15. Stop specific business rules manage delivery appointments and retail requirements
  16. Cost analysis including fuel surcharge and material handling


“I can’t speak enough about the quality of service Tighe provides. Our company is in a fast paced, logistically complex business, and Tighe shines in their ability to keep pace with our ever growing needs. From the friendly customer service all the way down to the level of detail they are able to keep with my inventory, Tighe raises the bar for what the warehousing and transportation business should be.”

- Jay Boucher
Logistics Manager, Cabot Corporation